Huckabee on GOP Caving to Obama: ‘They Don’t Believe They Can Win the Fight’

‘The nonsense is that we’ll get blamed for a shutdown, only because they allow themselves to be blamed for that’

SCARBOROUGH: “Republicans control 60 percent of the state legislatures.”
SCARBOROUGH: “They control 60 percent of the governor’s mansions. They control the House, biggest majority since 1928.”
SCARBOROUGH: “They control the United States Senate. And yet, seems the Democrats dictate the terms of every single debate, whether it’s Iran, whether it’s trade, whether it’s the budget, whether it’s health care, whether it’s education.”
HUCKABEE: “Lack of leadership. Lack of leadership. Because if the Republicans sit down at the card table and the other side knows they’re going to fold as soon as they ante up — they don’t to really have the good hand. All they —“ [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “Why do we always fold?” 
HUCKABEE: “Because, I don’t think they — they believe — they don’t believe that they can win the fight. And when they don’t believe it and it’s in their eyes, the other guy says we’re going to beat these guys.”
SCARBOROUGH: “How do you get them to believe they can win?” 
HUCKABEE: “They have to act like they’re going to win. They have to show up and show over the fight. And they have to be willing to have the consequences of the fight. The consequences of the fight could be many things. It could be the public being mad at them. It could be the public blames them for a shutdown. But, look, you’re in Congress, Congress can’t shutdown the government. Only the president can shutdown the government. And so, this nonsense since the Republicans have allowed themselves to be sucker-punched into, is that we’ll get blamed for a shutdown, only because they allow themselves to be blamed for that. They can’t shut down the government. They present a budget. The president can signed it, he can veto. And if he vetoes it — if he refuses this to sign it, he shuts down the government. And then he chooses what comes and what goes. They don’t have enough spokesmen out there on the Republican side to explain that. It’s fairly simple. It’s not that complicated and they should be talking about it.”

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