CBS’ Garrett: ‘Trump Has Been Birther-Badgering Cruz for Nearly a Week’

‘Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are battling for supremacy in Iowa’


O’DONNELL: “The Iowa poll shows Ted Cruz leading Donald Trump by four points but Trump has a 16-point lead in New Hampshire. Marco Rubio and Chris Christie in a close race for second place. Major Garrett is in Washington with how the candidates are sharpening their attacks again.”
GARRETT: “The Republican race for the white house, two distinct plot lines are emerging. Trump and Cruz are battling for supremacy in Iowa. John Kasich may enter that ring but for now he’s on the outside, looking in.”
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TRUMP: “What is going to happen is the other side will bring a suit?”
GARRETT (voice over): “In Reno, Nevada, Donald Trump warned that Ted Cruz’s birth in Canada to an American mother makes him a bad election gamble.”
TRUMP: “Now is he a natural born citizen? Some people say, I don’t know. Honestly? With we don’t know. Who the hell knows?”
GARRETT (voice over): “Trump has been birther badgering Cruz for nearly a week. Compelling the Cruz campaign to release his mother’s U.S. birth certificate and the candidate to deliver this passionate response.”
CRUZ: “By virtue of being born, was never naturalized. It was the process of being born that made me a citizen. Those are the facts. The law is quite clear.”
GARRETT (voice over): “Cruz said some candidates, meaning Trump, can’t handle the more substantive debate.”
CRUZ: “They want to, instead, encourage the good people of the media to go down rabbit trails and engage in circus side shows.”
GARRETT (voice over): “Trump opened up a line of attack.”
TRUMP: “By the way, Ted Cruz has a lot of money from the oil interests.”
GARRETT (voice over): “Cruz, who seeks to abolish all tax subsidies for energy denied Trump’s charge.”
CRUZ: “Our campaign has, to date, raised over $47 million. And that has come from over 690,000 contributions. Those are the people to who I’m accountable.”
[clip ends]

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