Coulter: Fox Won’t Book ‘Conservatives Who Can Put Two Sentences Together’

‘It’s always, don’t call Steve Malzberg, don’t call Ann Coulter’

Ann Coulter: Fox & Friends Won’t ‘Put on Conservatives Who Can Put Two Sentences Together’ (Mediaite)

Ann Coulter had some tough words for an MSNBC host yesterday, but today she actually took a shot at Fox & Friends for not necessarily having the most articulate conservatives on the show in the past few years.

Coulter was speaking with Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg about her challenge to Ed Schultz to bring her on his show and debate him. Malzberg wanted to bring up the time he faced off with Schultz on Fox & Friends, many years ago, but Coulter jumped in to say of the Fox morning show, “They will not put on conservatives who can put two sentences together.” It should be noted, however, that Coulter was on Fox & Friends as recently as last week.

Malzberg noted that when he faced off with Schultz on Fox, Schultz actually stormed off in the middle of the interview. And so when Schultz said yesterday that Republicans don’t want to talk to him, Malzberg said, “when they do talk to him, he runs away!”

Coulter said that MSNBC’s gotten “crazier and crazier in their conspiracy theories,” calling out Rachel Maddow in particular and wishing that just once, they would have on a conservative who could tell them to their faces, “You people are out of your minds!”

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