Rubio: ‘Grotesque’ for Sean Penn to ‘Fawn All over’ El Chapo

‘I think Sean Penn is not someone I spend a lot of time thinking about’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Finally, Senator, we heard this news overnight that Sean Penn, the actor, interviewed the Mexican drug leader, El Chapo, a few months back and had follow — several follow-ups, interviews. The Mexican authorities are now investigating. Do you have any problem with what he did?”
RUBIO: “Yes, I’m not — look, I think Sean Penn is not someone I spend a lot of time thinking about. I didn’t even know he was still around. I think he made movies a long time ago or something. I don’t — he interviewed El Chapo, we I’ll guess use the interview that he had in order to find him. That’s — the Mexicans did, that’s fantastic. I hope they extradite El Chapo to the United States. And, you know, if one of these American actors who have benefited from the greatness of this country, who have made money from our free enterprise system, want to go fawn all over a criminal and a drug trafficker in their interviews they have a constitutional right to do it. I find it grotesque.”
STEPHANOPOULOS: “Senator Rubio, thanks for joining us this morning.”

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