David Corn: GOP ‘Will Pay a Real Political Cost’ if They Try to Repeal ObamaCare

‘They haven’t suggested an alternative’

WOODRUFF: "You get the sense Republican primary voters may be struggling, those who haven’t decided yet may be struggling still about what to do. The health care reform law, ACA, the Republicans in the House finally got enough votes, David this, week. The Senate had already passed repeal. Now the House has. They got it to the president’s desk. Now, he’s vetoed it. But Paul Ryan, we hear him saying today, we’re going to — this isn’t the last you heard about this. Is the ACA in real jeopardy here?"
BROOKS: "No. No. Even if a Republican wins, it’s entrenched. The systemic disruption that would caused by simply getting rid of it would be catastrophic for a lot of companies and a lot of actual people who are actually doing stuff on the ground. If a Republican got in, it would change a lot. But, frankly, if a Democrat gets in, it is going to change a lot. Some of the really startling premium hikes that we’re seeing from some of the insurance companies are going to cause huge problems down the road. So, even if a Democrat gets in, there’s going to have to be some changes. But it’s very hard to see you just — just uprooting it? It’s too deeply entrenched."
WOODRUFF: "What do you see?"
CORN: "It wasn’t even repealed. They repealed the part of the law that requires people to have insurance, but they kept in the stuff that’s popular, which is, if you have preexisting conditions, you can get coverage. Anyone can get coverage. But the problem is, if you take away the requirement, and you just leave the ability of people with preexisting conditions to get coverage, then premiums truly skyrocket. So, what they were doing, they were voting for a way to create a death spiral without replacing it with anything. So they don’t want this bill to pass. And, if you look at — in Kentucky, a good case study, where a Tea Party candidate won saying he would repeal Obamacare, Bevin, he became governor. And in between New Year’s Day and Christmas, he very quietly said he wasn’t going to get rid of the Medicaid expansion that he promised to, because it’s working in Kentucky."
WOODRUFF: "But you’re saying that’s a model for what is — a forerunner of what’s happening in Washington?"
CORN: "Yes, I don’t — listen, they can’t get rid of it without tremendous dislocation to real people. They will pay a real political cost. And they haven’t suggested an alternative. So I think it was just all showmanship. And it was kind of funny that Paul Ryan was saying, look what we have accomplished today."
WOODRUFF: Well, we will leave it there with what we accomplished here. David Corn, David Brooks, we thank you both."
CORN: "Thank you."
WOODRUFF: "Thanks."

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