NRA: Obama Wants Us to Believe that if We Love Our Children We Must Hate Guns

‘This president would have the American people believe that in order to love your children, you have to hate your firearms’

KELLY: “Here what he said. Tonight he try to said this, that there is not an area of our lives that we don’t make a little safer. He talked about little toys for children —“
COX: “Sure.”
KELLY: “— that they could choke on. He talked about cars and seatbelt laws. And he said to not apply that same principle to guns would be inconsistent.”
COX: “Megyn, this president would have the American people believe that in order to love your children you have to hate your firearms. That’s not only offensive, it’s disgusting. This president would have you believe that somehow we don’t care about keeping our kids safe. Gun owners in this country do more, and the National Rifle Association does more to teach safety and responsible gun ownership than this president ever has or will.”
KELLY: “But when he — when he talks about — he talks about the gun show loophole, which is what his executive action is trying to get at among other things. And he went on to say that that’s a massive loophole and that people have exploited it to avoid background checks and sometimes those guns have round up been used in murders.”
COX: “Megyn, the San Bernardino murderer has something in common with the Santa Barbara murderer and the Tucson and the Aurora murderer, and the  Chattanooga, the Charleston, the Southern Virginia — all of them went through President Obama’s background check. And everyone of them passed. Everyone of those murderers passed this background check.” [crosstalk]
KELLY: “It’s a huge problem.” 
COX: “So we can talk about — it’s 0.7 percent, according to Barack Obama’s justice department, 0.7 percent of criminals obtain their firearms through gun shows, 0.7 percent.”
KELLY: “That’s an unbelievable stat the way you listed it there. That all of those murders —“
COX: “Every one.”

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