Trump: ‘You Know What a Gun Free Zone Is to a Sicko? That’s Bait’

‘I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools’

TRUMP: "And whose is going to pay for the wall"
AUDIENCE: "Mexico!"
TRUMP: "And who is going to pay for the wall?"
AUDIENCE: "Mexico!"
TRUMP: "Who is going to pay for the wall?"
AUDIENCE: "Mexico!"
TRUMP: "I have never done that and that's actually cute. I have never done that, I swear." (...)
TRUMP: "Think of it. So they make this great deal and what else do they get? They got Iraq --"
PROTESTER: "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!"
TRUMP: "I thought I heard a little voice over there. Get him out. Take him out. Take him out of here. Don’t give him his coat. Don’t give him his coat. Keep his coat. Confiscate his coat. You know, about it’s 10 degrees below zero outside. Come on, get him out. We have to get security moving a little bit faster here. Come on, fellows. They got to move faster. We are not dealing with tough hombres. (...)
TRUMP: "You know what a gun free zone is to a sicko? That’s bait. That's like a gun free zone and then they walk in with whatever the hell they’re carrying ...  I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools. You have to. And on military bases, my first day it gets signed, OK. My first day. There is no more gun free zones.”

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