Trump: Bill Clinton’s Adultery Is ‘Fair Game’

‘They made a mistake’

SCARBOROUGH: “Let me ask you about the Clintons. Two days ago the Clinton team said they’re going to punch back. They’re going to fight you. There was this back and forth, because Hillary Clinton suggested that you’re sexist. You responded using her words against her husband. It seems if you look at the Clintons yesterday on the campaign trail they’ve backed down. Is that how you see it?”
TRUMP: “Well, I don’t see it anyway. I just — look [crosstalk] I was mentioned — I was attacked nine times during the debate. Hillary called me sexist, that I had an inclination. What does she know about me? I had an inclination. When she said that, I said your husband is now campaigning, it’s open season. Now, if he wasn’t campaigning, maybe it would be different and if he wasn’t a past president it would be totally different. It would be — you know, I’d leave [indecipherable] out of it. But he’s now campaigning for her. So, all I did was, you know, recited history. [crosstalk] Don’t forget, don’t forget, he lost his law license, he wasn’t allowed he was impeached, he wasn’t allowed to practice law, he  settled for a tremendous amount of money. I mean, you know, there’s a lot of things going on there and she calls me sexist.”
SCARBOROUGH: “But, haven’t they backed down? Hillary won’t even respond.” [crosstalk]
TRUMP: “It look like the Baghdad, I don’t [indecipherable] that. Because tomorrow they can start it up. I’m just saying this, it’s fair game, when they attack me I’m going to attack them. Now, if they don’t I would leave that off the table. 
SCARBOROUGH: “You’re saying today, you’re only going to bring up Bill Clinton’s past history as a possible sexual harasser if she accuses you of being sexist.” 
TRUMP: “Sure. That’s what it’s all about. That was what it was.”
TRUMP: “It had nothing to do with ISIS. Now, with ISIS, she lied. Because, she said ISIS did a video.” [crpsstalk] 
SCARBOROUGH: “But if she attacked — I just want to clear this up because the press is having a field day [indecipherable] not getting it right.”
TRUMP: “I haven’t noticed that, to be honest.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “So, if you —“ 
TRUMP: “You’re having a field day. I haven’t noticed —“ [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “No, no, no.”
TRUMP: “In all fairness to the press, maybe the — first time in my life —“ 
SCARBOROUGH: “So, suddenly you like the press. I don’t understand this. I’m a little confused.” 
TRUMP: “They’re starting to like me. They’re starting to get it. They’re actually starting to get it.”
SCARBOROUGH: “So, what I’m saying is, I just want to be very clear and a lot of people want to hear this — so if Hillary Clinton attacks you on economics or on foreign policy then Bill Clinton isn’t fair game in that round. It’s only if she accuses you of being sexist.”
TRUMP: “He would be fair game if he did something or said something that having to do with foreign policy and other things that I would have disagreed with.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “But, you wouldn’t attack him on personal —“ [crosstalk]
TRUMP: “No, I wouldn’t need to. There’re so many things I can attack them on. I mean, you look at Iran. You look at the Iran deal. You look at so many of these things that took place. In 2009 Iran was ready to explode. We could overthrown Iran just by giving support to the protesters. They were protesting a little bit of support. A little bit of help. And Iran would —“ [crosstalk] 
SCARBOROUGH: “Why didn’t Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton step in and support the protesters who were getting shot in the street by the [indecipherable]?” 
TRUMP: “Because, they made a mistake. Very simple, they made a mistake. That wouldn’t be the time. That was the time the energy was there, everything was there to take it and to just make it a totally different place and now we have to live with it. And than on top of it he doubles down by giving them 150 billion and making this terrible deal. And by the way, we don’t get our prisoners back, OK. And now they want to negotiate. Now they want to start a brand new negotiation for the prisoners and they said we want a lot. Can you believe it? These people are incompetent.”

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