Scarborough: The Clintons ‘Are Scared to Death’ of Trump

‘Donald Trump does not fight traditionally’


SCARBOROUGH: "If you look at the last three days and how the Clintons have tied themselves up. Yesterday they laid down like lambs. You know why? I know I’m going to catch grief. They are scared to death. Donald Trump does not fight traditionally. He comes in swinging and did you see bill — and Hillary Clinton go I made a new year’s resolution right after he started talking about my husband’s past in workplace settings with women, she didn’t say that I’m not going to talk about Donald Trump. They completely backed off. That’s the general election. I’m not saying he’s is going to win but if he gets there, he’s a south paw. They won’t know how to fight him."
GEIST: "A strategy the Clintons came up with over the holidays. They won’t take on Donald Trump head on. You quoted Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton talking to Andrea Mitchell, you can see him bite his tongue. He put his head down, said — felt he wanted to say something and side you know what I’m not going to go there. How long can they keep this up. If this is a general election match-up how long can you anything for Donald Trump."
BARNICLE: "Nobody is smarter politically than Bill Clinton. No one is better than asymmetrical political warfare than Donald Trump."
SCARBOROUGH: "Bill Clinton has used this saying before that my grand mom used to say in rural Georgia, never get into a fight with a pig you’ll both get dirty and the pig will like it. The fact of the matter is Donald Trump, he doesn’t care if people don’t — he doesn’t have foundations where he goes around and people pat him on they’d and tell him he’s Jesus’ only son. Bill Clinton —"
BRZEZINSKI: "He has himself to do that."
SCARBOROUGH: "Bill Clinton, he’s got a reputation to pain taken as a senior statesman for the rest of his life. He doesn’t want to get in the mud with Donald Trump. It does him no good. He’ll lose that fight."

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