Heilemann: Christie Looks More Like a ‘Trump Slayer’ than Jeb or Kasich

‘They’re looking for someone who can take on Trump eventually’

HALPERIN: “You know, I saw Christie when he was down and he never quit and he’s the best brawler in the race. The reason Mitt Romney almost put him on the ticket in 2012.”
BRZEZINSKI: “For that reason.”
HALPERIN: “Because Stuart Stevens is political adviser, said this is the best brawler in American politics. In a big field, a brawler like that — there is no perfect candidates in this race and the people — the reason people are going after [indecipherable] is his flaws haven’t been discussed lately. But he is — you know, I’ve seen him on the road, I flew on a plane [indecipherable] couple weeks ago, he’s constantly on the phone. This guy could be the campaign manager for the presidential campaign. He knows what he’s doing. And watch him in Iowa. Watch him —“ [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “We’re talking right now about the establishment bracket to take on right now, the guy that packs. Auditoriums.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Exactly.”
HEILEMANN: “And I think this brawler quality is super important. Because establishment candidates are all looking for someone who can take on Trump eventually.” And so part of the qualification
HEILEMANN: “And so part of the qualification for that —“
HALPERIN: “And Hillary.”
HEILEMANN: “Who could be the Trump slayer? Christie looks more like that than Jeb Bush does or John Kasich does right now.” [crosstalk]

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