Navarro: Bill Clinton’s Adultery Is ‘Not Fair Game’

‘I think it’s helpful to Hillary Clinton in the long-term — it’s an old issue’

NAVARRO: "Dana, let’s be fair, it’s not Republicans bringing it up. It’s Donald Trump. And as we know this is his modus operandi. He knows that if he says something outrageous he says something controversial it will lead to media coverage and he will continue getting (INAUDIBLE) media being — you know, which helps him be on top of the polls. It might be good for him short term. Certainly there are some people in the base. There are some people who like Donald Trump who may like that idea of him taking it to Hillary. You know, no, I don’t think it’s helpful. I think it’s helpful to Hillary Clinton in the long-term. It’s an old issue. In fact, you know, I would say Mr. Trump gave Bill Clinton’s foundation $100,000. Invited Bill and Hillary Clinton to his wedding maxed out in donations..."
NAVARRO: "... to Hillary Clinton after all these allegations, after all these scandals (INAUDIBLE). We all know Bill Clinton has had his issues. There’s a lot of things to go after Hillary Clinton — scrutinize her on. I think her husband’s personal issues is not fair game."

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