Chris Wallace to Jeb: ‘What Happened to Your Campaign this Last Year?’

‘Advertising in this world doesn’t work to the same extent it probably did in the past, and so, we’re making adjustments’

WALLACE: "You started 2015 as the front-runner with about $100 million in your super PAC war chest, but things changed during the course of 2015. As late as July, you led the field nationally with almost 18 percent. Now, you’re running sixth nationally, and you’ve seen basically the same drop in Iowa and New Hampshire. And all of this, Governor, while you and your campaign and your super PAC has spent about a third of the campaign dollars that were spent in 2015 and you and your super PAC has spent double what any other Republican candidate has spent. Which raises the question — what happened to your campaign this last year, sir?"
BUSH: "Well, I’m going to focus on what’s going to happen in the next month in the Iowa caucuses and then ten days after that in New Hampshire. That’s our focus right now. And in South Carolina, we’re building a strong team, voter contacts is really what counts in those states. We’re surging in terms of identifying voters and going at it. As you said, we moved many of the people in our headquarters out to these early states. Advertising in this world doesn’t work to the same extent it probably did in the past, and so, we’re making adjustments. That’s what I’m focused on. I’m focused on my proven record and the need to have a person with a steady hand that can be able to take on these big challenges going forward and have specific plans to fix the mess in Washington, D.C., and grow our economy again and keep us safe."

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