Trump Slams Hillary: ‘She’s Caused Tremendous Death with Incompetent Decisions’

‘I’m talking about all of the death that’s been caused, not only on our side’

TRUMP: "She caused a lot of the problems that we have right now. You could say she caused the migration, look at the problems in --" 
DICKERSON: "As secretary of state?"
TRUMP: "As secretary of state. The entire world has been upset, the entire world is a different place. Did Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s term she’s done horrible job. She’s caused so many of the problems. Let me tell you something, she’s caused death. She’s caused tremendous death with incompetent decisions. I was against the war in Iraq, I wasn’t a politics, but I was against the war in reaction she voted for the war in Iraq $she caused —" 
DICKERSON: "She caused death, how?"
TRUMP: "Look at Libya. That was her baby. I’m not even talking about the ambassador and the people with the ambassador, young, wonderful people. With messages coming in by the hundreds and she’s not even responding. I’m not talking about. That I’m talking about all of the death that’s been caused. Not only on our side."

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