Donald Trump Accuses Protester at Campaign Rally of Being on Drugs

‘Every time there is a guy that stands up protesting, they are on drugs or something, they don’t even know what the hell they are doing there’

TRUMP: “That’s what we need for our country. What?”
UNKNOWN MALE: “$15,000 dollars.” 
TRUMP: “OK. I’ve got 15,000. I don’t know what the hell he means by that, but that’s OK. So — but I think he is a fan, I don’t he is a — are you a protester? No. OK. No, he likes Trump. OK, he’s not a protester, I love you. (Applause) You know, the only time — don’t worry about it. The only time the cameras focus on the crowd is when we have a protesters. Because I always have — like look at this ballroom. It’s packed. I always have the biggest crowds. And I go home and my wife said, ‘Where there many people? I watched you on television tonight.’ I said, I had 20,000 people. She said, they didn’t show it. They have it right on your face. So, I have 20,000 people. I’ve 20,000 in Oklahoma, 35,000 in Mobile, Alabama. Nobody knows. Because those cameras stare right in your face. And I think they can’t move. You know, I think that they are maybe fixed. (Laughter) Because, modern cameras maybe a — except every time there is a guy that stands up protesting, you know, they are on drugs or something, because some of these guys they said — they don’t even know what the hell they are doing there. All of the sudden, the camera swerve and do their perfect shots, and I like it, because it shows how big the crowds are. So, you know — (Laughter) sometime I think I’m going to put in some false protesters. I’ll put in some friendly protesters. (Applause) It’s the only way I’m going to be able to get them [indecipherable]”

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