Peters: Nixon’s Admin ‘Didn’t Come Close to this Level of Consistent Dishonesty’ of the Obama Admin

‘This is about so much more than a “ha ha, got you” moment’

GABRIELLE: “The State Department under fire today over a claim about, quote, ‘bringing peace to Syria.’ The claim was included in the State Department official blog post listing what they considered the top foreign policy moments of 2015. State Department spokesman Mark Toner defending the move. Take a listen.”
[clip starts]
TONER: “...bringing, not brought. So, we’re bringing peace and security to Syria. I think that is a truthful claim. There has been significant process, we believe in the past year on both fronts.”
UNKNOWN MALE: “Progress.”
TONER: “What is that?”
UNKNOWN MALE: “Process or progress?”
TONER: “I think both. I mean, I think progress, only process.”
[clip ends]
GABRIELLE: “Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, is a FOX News strategic analyst. Colonel Peters, nice to see you.”
PETERS: “Happy New Year.” 
GABRIELLE: “Happy New Year, almost. And so, you heard Mark Toner say the operative word is bringing, not brought. So, does that make a [indecipherable] true claim?”
PETERS: “Well, that — that was really silly. But, you know, Lea, this is about so much more than a ‘ha ha, got you’ moment at state. All administrations spin. They all slam things at certain times. But we’ve never before had an administration that is so consistently duplicitous, so fundamentally at its core dishonest with the American people. And it’s stunning to hear this sort of thing. I mean, even Richard Nixon’s administration didn’t come close to this level of consistent dishonesty. And so, when you have the State Department, and [indecipherable] like retired Admiral John Kirby claiming not only that we are bringing peace to Syria presumably, it’s a late delivery from UPS or FedEx, but also stay claimed the Iranian nuclear as a great success. Well, let’s see about that. Because in the wake of that deal, Iran has been running wild across the Middle East as you know very well, they’re taunting our ships in the Persian Gulf, launching rockets [indecipherable] in the last week. You’ve got them taking more American hostages, we haven’t managed to free any of the American hostages Iran now holds. So, these claims of wild success, of, you know, broad success in foreign policy, they [indecipherable] on a very profound level. This is serious stuff, it’s not just sound bites staff. And for me with my background as Soviet analyst — it is — brings back all these horrible echoes, or [indecipherable] doublespeak —“ [crosstalk]
GABRIELLE: “Yeah. Well, you mention —“
PETERS: “— claiming he’s dizzy with success, as the Soviet Union is — millions of people are starving to death, et cetera.”

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