Rubio: Trey Gowdy ‘Is the Epitome’ of a Public Servant

‘I have a tremendous admiration for him in the work he does in Congress’

HEGSETH: “Senator, speaking of Iowa you’ve had a travel partner that’s made news recently, in Representative Trey Gowdy who endorsed you yesterday on the trail, raising a lot of eyebrows and folks pointing to that as a good sign for your campaign. What was the nexus of that endorsement?”

RUBIO: “Well, I’ve known Trey for awhile. But I have tremendous admiration for him and the work he does in Congress. You talk about someone that holds people accountable. You talk about someone that is conducting oversight in a way that’s good for this country. Trey Gowdy is the epitome of what you want to see in a public servant, and we’re so grateful to have his help. And I’m glad that he’s joined our effort. This is a serious election here. I mean, this cannot be just another election. This election literally — we are choosing what kind of country America is going to be in the 21st century. We are a great nation in decline after eight years of this disaster named Barack Obama. And so, this election is the most important election in my generation. And I’m glad we have someone like Trey Gowdy alongside us, because when we win this election we are going to turn this country around. We’re going to re-embrace free enterprise and limited government. We’re going to respect the constitution. We’re going to get rid of all the horrible things Barack Obama’s done to our economy and our national defense. And we’re going to leave our children what our parents left us — the greatest country in the history of the world.”

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