Hewitt: Trump, GOP Need to Educate Millenials on Bill Clinton Sex Scandals

‘Bill Clinton’s history, whether or not contested or acknowledged or hidden away or put under the rug, whatever, is going to be news to the millennials who have a very different view of that behavior than the generation that Bill Clinton grew up’

Hewitt Schools Lemon on Need for Trump, GOP to Educate Millenials on Bill Clinton Sex Scandals (NewsBusters)

A week after he cut the mic of conservative guest Kurt Schlichter for bringing up Bill Clinton’s history of sexual misconduct, CNN's Don Lemon found himself trying to shut down another guest during Monday’s CNN Tonight when conservative radio host and CNN GOP debate co-moderator Hugh Hewitt argued that Donald Trump should use his Twitter account to educate millennials on the former President’s past.

The subject was invoked by Hewitt when the pair were discussing the day in Trump and Hewitt pointed out that Trump has 5.4 million Twitter followers while The New York Times has a print circulation of only about 1,375,000 and thus ensures that each tweet “has four times the impact of a New York Times headline.”

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