Hillary: ‘It’s Really Time for Gun Owners to Form’ an Anti-NRA

‘I think we need to pass some laws that I have been advocating for’


"I'm going to do every thing I can do. I'm never going to stop trying. Because right now, we lose 90 people a day to gun violence. Homicides, suicides, and tragic, avoidable accidents. That's 33,000 people a year. I think we need to pass some laws that I have been advocating for. We need comprehensive background checks. We need to close the gun show loophole. Close the online loophole. [Applause] Hillary Clinton: And we need to make sure that the information that is needed to make the judgment about whether someone is qualified to buy a gun is in the record. Very often, we don't have real-time information. Because we also have to close what is called the Charleston loophole. Where the killer in Charleston went to buy a gun. He filled out the form. Under the loophole, he could come back and get it after three business days. The information that he wasn't eligible because he had a felony conviction didn't come through until after he went and use that gun and murdered nine people. In a church like this, in Charleston. So we have work to do. And the mental health piece of this is especially troubling. Because you don't want to unfairly signifies people, but you want to protect the community, so you've got to have information. The killer at Virginia tech, you might remember, have been committed. But that information was not in the records. We need to prohibit people who are drastic abusers with restraining orders against them from getting guns. And we certainly should get the Congress to prohibit anyone who is on the no-fly list, the would-be terrorists, from buying guns in America. [Applause] Hillary Clinton: And we need to repeal the immunity from liability that was even to gunmakers and sellers by the Congress. [Applause] Hillary Clinton: So that we can do as good a job as possible, trying to prevent people who shouldn't have guns in the first place from getting them. I know we can do this in a constitutionally consistent way. So I'm going to reach out and work with anybody, but I will also continue to advocate for this. Because we are in a whole different era, where these mass shootings, these 33,000 people killed every year has become a rebuke to us. That we can't figure out how to deal with this. I, personally, am asking gun owners to support these changes. Because right now, what I just outlined -- comprehensive background checks and the like, is supported by 92 percent of Americans. And 85 percent of gun owners. But the gun lobby lives off of fear and misinformation. It is willing to say and do whatever it takes -- [applause] Hillary Clinton: And it is really time for gun owners to form a different organization that will do more on gun safety, do more on gun responsibility, and stand up to the safety of our children and our communities."

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