MSNBC Anchor: Is Trump vs. Bill Clinton ‘a Superman vs. Batman’ Matchup?

‘Do you see Superman versus Batman here?’

LUI: “Do you see a Superman versus Batman here? Is that what we going to see, the two of them going at each other?”
KORNACKI: “I don't think Bill Clinton wants to do that. I don't think he wants to engage at the level Donald Trump is engaging. I don't think they see any upside in doing that. That’s the question with Bill Clinton. When he is on his game there is really no one better in the public eye on these events on the stump than him. What we saw in 2008, when someone gets under his skin, when the media gets under his skin, can he snap, he can say things he's otherwise not going to say, he can say things that will get his wife in hot water. So that's the question here. Right now if Bill Clinton were responding on the fly to Donald Trump, maybe he'd say something. Now he has a week to prepare for this. We'll see if Donald Trump says something that morning that sets him off. Who knows.”

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