Chuck Todd on Trump Dominating the Polls: ‘I Think We Know Where This Party Is Going’

‘Add up the establishment numbers there, Joe, 10, 5 and 3 … there’s your establishment’

BRZEZINSKI: "Joining us now from Washington NBC political news director, moderator of meet the press and host of daily chuck Todd. Also joining us Chris from the set. 
SCARBOROUGH: "Chuck Todd latest poll Trump 39 percent and Cruz 18 percent."
TODD: "Add up the numbers there, Joe. 10, 5 and 3."
SCARBOROUGH: "That’s 18."
TODD: "There’s your establishment."
SCARBOROUGH: "Look, the establishment adds up to 18%."
TODD: "Look, I think the CNN poll doesn’t let so many in their sample. That’s why the numbers are that high. More importantly, it’s the split. You add up Carson and trump and Cruz and you get in the 60s. Second hole in a row."

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