McCain Assails Trump over Putin ‘Propaganda’: Russian Pres Murdered ‘People I Knew’

‘He’s a bully and thug and to pay a compliment to this KGB apparatchik murderer is something that I just can’t find in anyway plausible’

McCain Assails Trump Over Putin ‘Propaganda’: Russian Pres Murdered ‘People I Knew’ (Mediaite)

Sen. John McCain criticized Donald Trump Monday over the Republican frontrunner’s praise of Vladimir Putin, blasting Trump for providing the Russian president with ‘propaganda’ material.

Putin offered Trump a glowing endorsement last Thursday, calling the business mogul the “absolute leader of the presidential race.” In response, Trump called Putin’s remarks “a great honor.” Throughout the weekend, Trump continued to heap praise on Putin, even when confronted with reports that the Russian president kills reporters and dissenters in his country. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Trump asked if anybody has ever “proved [Putin’s] killed reporters?”

For McCain, Trump’s admiration of Putin is “incomprehensible.”

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