ISIS Recruitment Video Features Bill Clinton and Obama not Donald Trump

‘It is a state built on the prophetic methodology, striving to follow the Koran … not a secular state built on manmade laws, whose soldiers fight for the interests of legislators, liars, fornicators, and corporations, and for the freedom of sodomites’

ISIS Recruitment Video Features Bill Clinton and Barack Obama not Donald Trump (Truth Revolt)

During Sunday night's Democrat debate, presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton made the outrageous statement that Donald Trump was featured in ISIS recruiting videos. The lie was swiftly debunked, but what is perhaps most ironic is the fact that there is an ISIS recruitment video currently making the rounds that features, of all people, former president Bill Clinton and current president Barack Obama.

The ISIS recruiting video which was reportedly released in late-November, is dubbed "No Respite" and clearly showcases how the Islamic State views itself.

There are multiple versions of the video in various languages. The English version targets U.S. military strategy and also notes racial tensions at play across the country.

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