Joe Hits Rubio: ‘He’s Doings this Nativist B.S. to Try to Appeal’ to Trump’s Supporters

‘That’s what’s happening with Marco’


BRZEZINSKI: "So, Joe, you tweeted. I could tell that struck a chord with you. You treated pretty Clintonical. Says he feels out of place in his own country. It’s such a crass play, it’s offensive. Plus, you also said to Marco and movie stars promising to move to Canada if a Republican is elected. If that’s how you feel about America, just leave now. This morning, Joe —"
BRZEZINSKI: "Here’s a recent Rubio fund-raising e-mail."
SCARBOROUGH: "Oh, good."
BRZEZINSKI: "I just think you might recognize someone’s name in it. His campaign claims his message is catching on. And that Democrats, the media and the political establishment on both sides know it and they’re absolutely terrified."
SCARBOROUGH: "You can actually see it in the poll we saw this morning. He’s down 5 percentage point."
BRZEZINSKI: "Elitist."
BARNICLE: "Members of the media are claiming he’s trying to pander."
SCARBOROUGH: "So, you know —"
BRZEZINSKI: "I don’t think you were just saying it. I think trying."
SCARBOROUGH: "We said earlier this week that they were the most thin skinned group of people I’ve ever seen in politics."
BRZEZINSKI: "The Rubio campaign, you’re saying."
SCARBOROUGH: "The Rubio campaign. I’m at home watching with my 7-year-old boy and somebody sends me this and sends me a link to a pollster saying the top thing and I don’t feel like I belong even my own country. Now, here’s a guy that flies around in private jets every day. And he has for years. Here’s a guy that sits in luxury suites at Miami dolphins football games and other football games around America. Here’s a guy that got paid $800,000 by a massive, powerful, Manhattan publishing company to write a book. $800,000. More than most of the people he’s shaking hands with would make in ten years. He makes up for writing a book and he’s got the guts to go on and lift a line out of this nativest playbook. I don’t belong. I feel like I don’t belong in my own country. Because he wants to appeal to Donald Trump’s crowd. This is a guy that does belong in this country. Because this is a guy whose father came over here, not the way Marco told us he came over here. But his father came over here. His family embodies the American dream. And he’s doing this natiist bs to try to appeal. Again, this is what a student government president does when he wants to get elected."
CONFESSORE: "I was going to say, I think he is saying the establishment is finally waking up to my candidacy. He is the establishment and candidate. They love him."
BRZEZINSKI: "That’s his crowd now."
CONFESSORE: "They’re waiting for him."
SCARBOROUGH: "You know what this is all about, Willie. The elites, the people who fund his campaign and every other campaign watch this show. I remember in 2008 somebody came up to him that worked for Barack Obama and said nothing makes Barack Obama than senator Obama angrier than when somebody goes up to him and says, you guys really need to start saying what they’re saying on “Morning Joe.”
SCARBOROUGH: "Just drove him crazy. That’s what’s happening with Marco. All we’re doing is reading “Washington Post” articles. All we’re doing is reporting on the news. All we’re doing is what Marco, what Marco —"
>> Or calling it out.
SCARBOROUGH: " Mark and I have been saying from the very beginning. Well over a year. What state does he win? What’s his natural base? That’s all we’ve been saying.
>> I don’t know the answer to that question.
>> We’re still a year later don’t.
BARNICLE: "The clue there is that what South Carolina is what they’re looking at. Clue going for the trump rhetoric and strongest in south Carolina."
>> I heard a lot of descriptions apply to your name. I’ve never heard you called an eliteist, though.
>> University of Alabama. Roll tide. Red neck Riviera. And by the way, also, 95% lifetime conservative rate. Seems to me, he could probably attack ISIS first and maybe Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Iran deal. He’s trying to fund-raise over Republican over a 95% lifetime conservative rating. Lots of luck there, fellow. It’s not going to work.
SCARBOROUGH: "Is Marco Rubio the cloak room candidate? Is he the senator cloak room candidate?"
BARNICLE: "I think he’s that guy. He’s the person that gets that."
SCARBOROUGH: "What he’s the native and Marco Rubio is borrowing it because he sees it is working for Donald Trump."
>> Very badly.
SCARBOROUGH: "What I thought was so humorous about the timing of it. Again, so ham handed. It was so calculated. It was so from a political machine that said, okay, look, this is what the pollsters say is the number one way that you appeal to nativests in America. You say, I don’t feel like I belong in my own country."
>> I’m with you.
SCARBOROUGH: "And he read, he read that line. And that’s not his story."
CONFESSORE: "With Paul singer who is also funding the reform weighing on the go. This is one of his biggest guys and he’s out there with this rhetoric at the same time."

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