Scarborough: The More Trump Tries to Fail, the More Successful He Gets

‘Trump is purposely trying to fail’


SCARBOROUGH: “They’re in the embarrassed crowd and it really is somebody said, I guess it was on Twitter I read there said there’s so much information out there. Like the producers. Like they are purposely trying. Trump’s purposely trying to fail. He’s working overtime. This is his springtime for Hitler. And he’s purposely trying to fail. And the more he tries to fail, the more successful he gets.”
SCARBOROUGH: “This is like, you see, you see the Mel brooks thing when Larry David was on and they said, we’ve got to kill. We’ve got to kill this thing. And Larry David goes out and is it so bad that people are absolutely fascinated by it. This is the political equivalent of springtime for Hitler. This is the producers. Well, no, that’s not a reference — that —“
BRZEZINSKI: “He’s owe going to be on talking about his documentary and looks at every angle of why this is working and why this is frightening and why this is touching a cord that has been created by Washington itself. We’ll talk to him a little later about that. A little bit more than him trying to lose. But I know what you’re saying. It looks like it.”
SCARBOROUGH: “He says things that are so outrageous. Disqualify anyone else.”
BRZEZINSKI: “That’s why Hillary Clinton is probably attacking him now probably trying to get rid of him because no way she should want to run against him. That ‘Saturday Night Live’ episode was good until they started celebrating at the end because that way, way wrong. No celebration.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Creed’s manager knew and William F Buckley said you debate an amateur, you lose every time. And in this case, though, Sam stein did something fascinating where he took something that Trump said and then I think he read it to Obama supporters as something that Obama would say. And they supported it. Then, he read it and said something Trump supported and then opposed it. You look on so many issues and she came on to attack Trump, and then at the end she and Trump, she will never admit it, were on the same side.”
SCARBOROUGH: “As far as Russia goes. As far as Syria goes. As far as intervention goes. And, so, that’s why ideologically and then he goes off and says some crazy things that, who knows, maybe that will appeal.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Extended cab, flat bed.”
GEIST: “William F. Buckley in the same sentence. That was impressive.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Little known fact.”
GEIST: “Our buddy Bill Simmons coined a term called the Tyson zone where nothing Tyson did or said surprised you. Mike Tyson gets a face tattoo, yeah, that makes sense. It’s Mike Tyson. We’re in the Trump zone where anything he says or does does not surprise you. Hillary Clinton going to the bathroom does not surprise you. Barack Obama defeated her. Doesn’t surprised you. Doesn’t mean you like it or endorse it and now you can understand he can say and do anything and not only not hurt him, but in many cases helps him.”
BARNICLE: “Never been a candidacy with so many stop and gaffes moments in the candidacy itself. Never been a candidacy where media people hear what he does and says it’s over for him. He continues on and continues on to grow in popularity.”

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