Graham to Trump: ‘This Is Not a Reality Show’

‘You need to start think about policies that will actually work’

BOLDUAN: “From the very beginning of this campaign, you have been one of the most vocal critics of the front-runner, Donald Trump —“
GRAHAM: “Of the Donald, yeah.”
BOLDUAN: “— and which was famously led to your personal cell phone number being thrown out there in retaliation.” (Laughter) 
GRAHAM: “Yeah.”
BOLDUAN: “What are your parting words for Donald Trump?”
GRAHAM: “You know, we’re at war. A lot of men and women are at risk overseas, watch what you say over here. You’re doing really well, I’m impressed with your campaign. The only way we can win as Republicans is put a coalition together. You need to start thinking about policies that will actually work. You may wind up being the nominee of the party. The Republican Party future may be in your hands. But the future of the country will be in your hands if you’re president of the United States. This is not a game show. This is not a reality show. The reason I know that is I’ve been over there enough to know what it costs to defend this nation.”

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