MSNBC: Six NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Attack

Six NATO troops were killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan


MOHYELDIN: “Good morning, everyone. We’ve just gotten word there have been several NATO casualties after an take by a suicide bomber. Jim Miklaszewski joins us. What are you hearing from military officials?”
MIKLASZEWSKI: “Military initials confirm there have been casualties among coalition forces. So far there was no word there were any American casualties, though U.S. Military are holding the casualty count very close to their vest for the time being but we’re told that NATO in fact suffered some casualties. At this point I don’t know whether those casualties were simply wounded or killed. We do know reports out of the region have been pretty much confirmed there were six coalition forces and perhaps afghan forces that were in a convoy who were killed when a suicide bomber on a motorcycle pulled up along near their convoy and blew himself up. Now again, it’s reported that five or six were killed, as many as six were wounded but there’s still lack of information really, clarified information on exactly who was in that convoy. Some Americans reported in that convoy but who more importantly suffered casualties, killed or wounded among those six killed.”

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