McCain: ‘I Do Not Understand’ Why Lindsey Graham Isn’t Polling Better

‘And I hope a lot of Americans saw Lindsey Graham last night, because he did one hell of a job’

CAVUTO: “Well, he was the star of that first debate. A lot of people readily agree with you. But when it came to security, the common criticism I heard of all the candidates was that they didn’t have a consistent theme, they didn’t have a consistent strategy, and that they didn’t seem like they would be immediately better — better stewards of this war on terror. Some spoke out strongly, to your point, Lindsey Graham, Chris Christie, in dealing with the terror threat, et cetera. But what do you think of that and whether Republicans have to consolidate around someone who does?”
MCCAIN: “Well, I think, given the concern of the American people — as you know, it’s now tops in the polls — they should be looking at the person with the experience, the knowledge and the background. Lindsey Graham’s been to Iraq and Afghanistan 35 times, 33 years in the Air Force Reserve and serving.”
CAVUTO: “I know that, Senator. But are you surprised he just doesn’t poll well? He just doesn’t.”
MCCAIN: “I do not understand it. I do not understand it.  But I do know he and I have been saying the same thing for the last three years. And that is, we’re going to have to have boots on the ground.  Almost none of those people you heard talking last night ever were. And, of course, then you have just statements that are — show no grasp of the situation of everyone — whatsoever, when — when Ted Cruz says, we’re going to carpet-bomb everybody. I — but there is no — there was really not only not a real strategy, but not a fundamental understanding of what the military does and what capabilities we have.”
CAVUTO: “All right, Senator, we will watch closely. Thank you for that update on your — when you go out to the gas tank there. Now I know and I can visualize it. Senator, it’s always good, seriously, having you. I appreciate it.”
MCCAIN: Always good. I will be thinking of you.”
CAVUTO: “And for your service as well. All right, John McCain.”

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