Matthews: Trump Doing Well Because ‘He’s Running Against Dead People’

‘The reason Trump`s doing well is he`s running against dead people ... these are terrible candidates’

MATTHEWS: “Well, there you have it. So that you buy this instance the economy at difference between how republican voters vote and what`s good for the party in the election race that there are another voters are voting for a candidate they vote for Trump. So what hurt the party? Why would they do that?”
COSTA: “It doesn`t matter why they would do it, what the campaigns are preparing for the campaign they get definitely a possibility that the party is going to move in a different direction not in a electable direction that was going to help all this vulnerable senator. That`s why for me he`s already reaching out to minority voters. He`s already reaching out to center or left people to say I need to build the different kind of coalition in case Trump comes up.”
MATTHEWS: “Why did they probably going to establish or thinking it`s about two year ago stable running – instead of running dodos. The reason Trump`s doing well is he`s running against dead people. These are terrible candidates.”
DRUCKER: “Yeah.”
MATTHEWS: “Give me the establishment candidates it will do better.”
DRUCKER: “Look, I don`t think all look. I don`t think all.”
MATTHEWS: “They are terrible.”
DRUCKER: “I don`t think all – they are terrible. Let me tell you.
MATTHEWS: “Establishment ones Rubio, right.”
DRUCKER: “They think that Rubio.” [Crosstalk]
DRUCKER: “Let me tell you the biggest problem Republicans are having.”
MATTHEWS: “Oh yeah, so yeah, well, democratic presidents have no executive experience they said it per years. No executive experience. We shouldn`t have elected him president but he can give a good speech. So they come along with this government to governor have presented a term whose never had an executive experience, Marco Rubio who just this under Obama was to say, ‘I would put him in there. What hypocrites.’”
DRUCKER: “It`s the same – yeah, they are hypocrites. It`s the same for Ted Cruz. Republicans are having their own version of hope and change but this is the biggest reason why they`re in the position, they are with Trump. Republican voters in particular, have lost faith and institutions faith in the government. They think that all the people that are so smart, that are supposed to know everything that we`ve been electing for all these years, have messed it all up. So, why shouldn`t I take a chance on somebody who`s never done anything?”


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