Jeb Bush: Donald Trump Is ‘Not a Serious Candidate’; He’s ‘a Bully’

‘As we get closer to the caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire ... Donald Trump will begin to fall’

BERMAN: “You say he’s the candidate of chaos. The question is, what are you going to do about it? Your campaign, Tim Miller said, you guts are doing due diligence looking into whether you could pull out of that pledge you signed to report the Republican nominee, whoever it is, including Donald Trump. Why are you doing that due diligence?”

BUSH: “Because Donald Trump had threatened to go, once again, to become a third party candidate. So I didn’t know they were doing this. That’s a smart thing to do is determine exactly what the consequences are for making that kind of decision. My intention is to win the nomination. I think as we get closer to the caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire that Donald Trump will begin to fall because he’s not a serious candidate. Listen to his comments as it’s related to the [indecipherable] for crying out loud. This is the pinnacle of our deterrent to be  able to kept safe. This is the post World War II era. He had no clue when Hugh Hewitt asked him that question. If he’s going to be the president of the United States he needs to be a serious person, not someone who views this as some kind of entertainment show.”

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