Scarborough to Trump: ‘Say Something Nice About a Muslim American Today’

‘Be safe and say something nice about Muslim American today’

SCARBOROUGH: “I always thought it was interesting. Sarah Palin, who I was never a fan of — at the end of Sarah’s 2008 campaign, when Joe Biden was getting 200 people on the stamp and she was getting thousands and thousands — you would have people in the main stream media sweeping through the crowds desperately trying to find three people wearing a confederate flag, at every Sarah Palin rally.”
TRUMP: “Right. True.” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “And not the fact she was getting 10,000 people or however many thousands of people, I don’t know the exact number. Donald, I’m being told we have to go to break. We appreciate you being with us. Good luck out there. Be safe —“
TRUMP: “Thank you.”
SCARBOROUGH: “— and say something nice about a Muslim American today.”
TRUMP: “I will, I will.” (Laughter)
SCARBOROUGH: “All right. Thank you.”
TRUMP: “And I believe that. Thank you very much.”

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