Trump: No Debate ‘Deal’ with Cruz But We Spoke

‘We got along very well prior to the debate’


TRUMP: "He said nice things about me. When people say nice about me, I generally reciprocate and I was being a little bit cute and got a big laugh and that was the end of that, yeah."
BARNICLE: "Let me ask you about something Joe said the other day when he saw your behavior with senator Cruz. Joe said there's an inside deal between these guys whether it's direct or indirect, Donald and senator Cruz have decided they're not going to go after each other because that's in their political interest. Is that true? "
TRUMP: "It's not true. We got along very well prior to the debate. We didn't talk about this, we didn't do that. We did speak. Not about this. Not about let's get along. It wasn't like that. But we got along nicely. I didn't know what to expect. I went out on that stage and if I would have believed all of the pund nts, most of who have been wrong about me for years but certainly wrong about me for the last six months starting with the fact that I won't run. I would have believed I was going to be attacked by 14 people viciously and I was ready for that."

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