Trump: Does Paul Ryan Know What’s in the Budget?

‘If there’s a shutdown it’ll — it won’t be very long’

HANNITY: “You know, let me run through the list that will be funded here. It will fund the DACA program. It will fund the sanctuary cities. That still gets funded in this bill. It will fund all of the president’s desired refugee programs. It will fund all the Mid-East immigration programs, by the way, that have been exploited by terrorists in recent years. It’ll fund the illegal alien resettlement program of the president, and the release of criminal aliens and the H1B foreign workers visas. That’s going to be quadrupled under this bill. And tax credits for illegal immigrants will be included. And I’m thinking, what is it about the Republicans that they’re so unwilling — they have this inordinate fear that if they use their constitutional power of the purse and the president shuts down the government and won’t fund the government, that they’ll get blamed for it. And that seems to — it seems to make them cower! If you become president, what will you say to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell? How will you get them to stand tougher on these issues?”
TRUMP: “First of all I’ve never seen anything like it. And you know, if there’s a shutdown, it won’t be very long. And the biggest problem is every time anybody mentions that just as a threat, immediately, the Republicans say, It’ll never happen, it’ll never happen. So now they’ve already lost the negotiation. But I’d like to ask you — does Paul Ryan know these things? I mean, does somebody know what’s being approved in this budget? When you talk about sanctuary cities will continue — I mean, to me, that’s a no-brainer. What’s going on — you look at Kate and you look at Jamil and you look at some of these incredible people that are just being killed like nothing, and it’s sanctuary city haven — do people — do these people know that this is all being funded?”
HANNITY: “I have to believe they do, I mean, because they’ve been told by conservatives. I know that Senator Jeff Sessions had — “
TRUMP: “[indecipherable]”
HANNITY: “— had a pretty interest comment about it. And he actually said, this is what explains why voters are in an open rebellion.”

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