Rubio: We Need a ‘Top-Down Review’ of Our Immigration System

‘We need to top-down review of every single legal immigration program we have that could potentially be manipulated’


LEE: "We expect to hear from the president after his meeting today, briefing today on national security, and we heard sweeping policy ideas from both the president and a lot quite frankly from candidates. Specifically today, senator, if it was President Rubio and you had to decide about what actions to take after San Bernardino, what would be one thing you would change to make us safer?"
RUBIO: "There is more than one thing. We have to focus on homeland security and on defeating ISIS where they are located in the Middle East. On the homeland security front as I said we need a top down review of every single legal immigration program we have that could potentially be manipulated. For example, most Americans didn't know that there was such thing as the fiance visa. We know ISIS deliberately now is trying to recruit people like doctors and students to use those visas. That's why it is disappointing that this omnibus bill in place does nothing to deal with that or the Syrian refuges which is another thing we need to look at. We need to rebuild our intelligence capabilities here at home especially in the face of home-grown violent extremists. For example, the San Bernardino killer, one of them was a U.S. citizen. We have people running for president now that have voted to diminish this program and take away valuable tools that we need to have access to intelligence information."

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