Garrett: Trump Fans OK with His Willingness to ‘Sacrifice the Bill of Rights’

‘Bigger crowds and top tier poll numbers have given Trump more confidence than ever’


ROSE: “The republican presidential campaign this morning sounds as though the last debate never ended. The top candidates are still jabbing each other after they left the stage in Las Vegas 36 hours ago. Major Garrett is in Washington with the debate that followed the debate. Major good morning.”
GARRETT: “Good morning. Donald Trump says movement, one apparently not put off by Trump’s stated willingness to sacrifice the bill of rights in the name of security or Trump’s inability on a debate stage to discuss one of the things that makes America secure, it’s nuclear arsenal. Trump is still riding high, despite some vulgarity on the campaign trail and jabs from Jeb Bush.”
[clip starts]
TRUMP: “Somebody said, oh, Trump is a great entertainer. That is a lot of bull [ bleep ]. I’ll tell you, we have a message.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “What that message is, beyond strength and nostalgia for better times is hard to discern. But big crowds and top-tier poll numbers have given Trump more confidence than ever. Jeb Bush appears to have made it his mission to slow Trump’s momentum. This campaign video celebrated Bush’s new-found combativeness. Trump responded with mockery.”
TRUMP: “Donald Trump — you know? It’s just like — he said it just the way his pollster told him to say it.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz carried this debate confrontation over immigration to the campaign trail.”
CRUZ: “I have never supported legalization.”
RUBIO: “Do you ruled it out.”
CRUZ: “I never supported legalization and I do not intend to. They would still be eligible for legal status.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “In 2013 Cruz claimed to support the so-called ‘Gang of Eight,’ a bipartisan group working to reform immigration and opposed an amendment that blocked pathway to citizenship and allowed undocumented immigrant to obtain legal status.”
CRUZ: “The fact I introduced an amendment to remove the part of the gang of eight bill doesn’t mean I support the rest of the ‘Gang of Eight’ bill. Of course, I wanted the bill to pass, my amendment to pass.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “Rubio said his momentum was being disingenuous.
[clip ends]
GARRETT: “The Cruz and Rubio fight is about more than immigration. Both are positioning themselves as new voices for the conservative movement and both hope, at some point to topple Trump. Their fight, though, gives Trump more room to fight on obstructive but not that he needs it.”
O’DONNELL: “What is the latest? Did Ted Cruz reveal sensitive national security intelligence information at that debate the other night?”
GARRETT: “That was the implication from Marco Rubio. Rubio said he wasn’t accusing Cruz to do that directly. The Senate Intelligence Committee said there was nothing worthy of investigation.”
O’DONNELL: “Thank you, Major.”

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