Krauthammer: ‘There Was No Winner’ in the GOP Debate

‘There were few loosers’


O’REILLY: “That was — we’re going to play that sound byte later on. Who won the debate? I don’t think anyone won. But maybe, what do you think impressed you?”
KRAUTHAMMER: “Where here is where your infallibility is great. There was no winner, there were a few loosers, a few surprising people who distinguished themselves. Rand Paul, with whom I agree on almost nothing on these issues, defended his sort of semi isolationist position extremely well. It’s not going to move the needle one bit. Chris Christie had excellent moments. He turns and addresses the audience, not the moderators or pundits, but the audience in I thought was connecting. And Fiorina used it well, her exchange, sort of declaration on why she wouldn’t want to meet with Putin and how she’d handle Russia was quite commanding. Otherwise I thought there are no people who distinguished themselves. Carson I thought was out of it. Kasich as well. Among others, what happened with Cruz and Rubio is that they neutralized each other. They had been 1 and 2 in almost all of the previous debates. They’re the best at that. But they went after each other so often, that it was the strategy of the moderator. That they neutralized each other. I don’t think either was damaged.”

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