Obama: ‘I Am Pretty Ripped; I’m Fairly Cut’

‘I noticed, for example, that there was no gray hair on the Obama figurine and clearly, the presidency has taken a little bit of a toll’

In a scene from President Obama's upcoming appearance on "Running Wild Alaska" with Bear Grylls, the president boasts that he's "pretty ripped."

In the sneak preview, Grylls says his wife asked he bring back a souvenir, so he requests the president's autograph on a bottle opener shaped like a shirtless Obama. 

Noticing the figurine's taut physique, the president says the manufacturers got it right. 

"I am fairly cut but it’s possible that bottle opener is a little dated. I noticed, for example, there was no gray hair on the Obama figurine," Obama remarked to the camera, adding a touch of humility to his boast. 

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