Barbara Buono Predicts Chris Christie Will Prematurely Leave Office in Disgrace

‘This is classic Chris Christie’

Christie’s Dem 2013 Opponent: ‘He’ll Leave Office’ Before Term Ends but ‘Not to Run for President’ (Mediaite)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s 2013 Democratic opponent, state Sen. Barbara Buono, appeared on MSNBC on Friday where she predicted that the scandal involving closures on the George Washington Bridge will result in the governor’s resignation. She said that Christie will leave office before his term is up in 2017 and “not to run for president.”

“This is classic Chris Christie,” Buono said. “He has used the levers of power to promote himself and his political agenda time and time again.”

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts asked why, if Buono was aware of the details of this scandal during her race against Christie, didn’t she “use” that information against him.

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