MSNBC: Anonymous Declares ‘Day of Hacking’ Against ISIS

‘We ask you to show your support and help against ISIS by joining us and trolling them’


DÍAZ-BALART: “A post purportedly from the hacking group known as Anonymous has declared today the ISIS day of trolling, devoted to disrupting the terrorist group’s presence on line. This is not the first time someone claiming to be from Anonymous has declared cyber war on ISIS but if successful, it could be their most reaching action yet.”
PERRY: “The hope is this will start trending. It has started trending. What people are doing is taking more of the hard-core images that ISIS puts out and replacing the faces with cartoon ducks. Anonymous hasn’t shown capabilities much beyond superficial website and on Twitter. But certainly as far as social media is concerned this may be the thing that people are talking about today. It’s also perfect for a Friday. People have been depressed by the news cycle, obviously a lot of blood, a lot of gore, a lot of tough talk. So, it’s something a bit different today.”
DÍAZ-BALART: “A lot of people have been saying that Anonymous’ war against ISIS hurting not helping the official fight against them. What do you see?”
PERRY: “When you talk to U.S. military officials they will tell you if we can trace someone’s Twitter account or through an app ISIS is using that’s great. That can turn into actionable intelligence and we can have an air strike. If you take down the site, three more pop up and it’s tough to track. It’s great you are able to hack the accounts and take them down. When it comes to the drone operators and people at CENTCOM and people at the Pentagon sometime it’s better to have the reference point, flag the account and follow through.”

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