ABC: Donald Trump’s Rhetoric ‘Could Incite More Violence’ Against Muslims

‘We’re going to move on to the problem of anti-Muslim attacks ... they have been on the rise since last week’s massacre and there are concerns that Donald Trump’s comments could incite more violence’

STEPHANOPOULOS: "We’re going to move on to the problem of anti-Muslim attacks. They have been on the rise since last week’s massacre and there are concerns that Donald Trump’s comments could incite more violence. ABC’s Matt Gutman is in San Bernardino with that part of the story. Good morning, Matt." 
GUTMAN: "Good morning, George. A week after the attacks in that conference building behind me, Muslim groups are saying they are now the targets of increasing intimidation and threats. They’re saying that it’s even changing the way some people go out, the way they dress, even the way they pray." 
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GUTMAN (voice-over): "It’s being called the biggest spike in anti-Islamic incidents since 9/11. And it’s not just rhetoric. In Philadelphia, surveillance video of a pig’s head thrown at a mosque. The FBI now investigating. Threatening voice mails left at a mosque in St. Louis."
UNKNOWN MALE: "Come may way and I’ll [bleep] you all. Cut your [bleeped] head off." 
GUTMAN (voice-over): "And in Dallas."
UNKNOWN MALE: "I hope you get sprayed with pig’s blood, okay? You are just [ bleep]."
GUTMAN (voice-over): "This Palm Beach mosque vandalized with windows smashed. All of this triggering fear."
SALEM: "You feel scared as an American about what’s happening in our country. But then at the very same time, you’re afraid for your own life because of, you know, what people are doing in retaliation." 
GUTMAN (voice-over): "The Council on American-Islamic Relations saying the spike follows both the San Bernardino rampage and Donald Trump’s calls for a ban on Muslim immigration. And here in San Bernardino, intimidation. The mosque Syed Farook attended threatened the night after the rampage and mosque attendance is down. One of its members confronted at a memorial. You had been, sort of, really confronted."
UNKNOWN MALE: "I mean, he was really passionate. He was really angry." 
GUTMAN (voice-over): "Some are changing their behavior."
UNKNOWN MALE: "Go out in a group. If I was going to go out alone, I wouldn’t go alone. I would take two or three guys with me."
GUTMAN (voice-over): "And even changing their dress."
UNKNOWN MALE: "Amongst the women and stuff, I’ve heard, like, don’t wear the hijab. Take it off." 
GUTMAN (voice-over): "And this morning,  the detective who said he would take a bullet before the evacuees — 
LOZANO: "I’ll take a bullet before you do. That’s for damn sure." 
GUTMAN (voice-over): "-- is speaking out about that moment. Admitting he was also scared but knew people were counting on him."
LOZANO: "I meant what I said. I said it for them just to kind of calm down and relax, that we were going to do everything we can to get them out of that building safely."
[clip ends]
GUTMAN: "Of course, among the people that hero officers ferried out of that building were Muslim-Americans. And to give you a sense of how enmeshed the community was, when we arrived at that mosque yesterday for that interview, we saw a sheriff’s deputy coming out. He had actually been praying there. Robin."
ROBERTS: "Something to keep in mind, Matt. All right. Thank you."

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