David Axelrod: Donald Trump Is a ‘Propaganda Bonanza for ISIS’

‘That transcends presidential politics’

David Axelrod: Donald Trump Is a ‘Propaganda Bonanza for ISIS’ (Mediaite)

Former senior Obama advisor and CNN analyst David Axelrod said on CNN’s New Day that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was a propaganda boon for ISIS after he advocated for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Axelrod accused Republicans of trying to strike a balance between condemning Trump and not alienating his supporters. “I’ve said to my own party and to others that you can’t go after fearmongers if you’re not going after the fear. You have to address the fear, and I think that’s good advice for both parties,” he said.

“He may not be the president, but he is a propaganda bonanza for ISIS,” Axelrod said. “That transcends presidential politics.”

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