WaPo’s Ruth Marcus: Trump Is ‘Making Us Less Safe; He Is a ‘Recruiting Tool’ for ISIS

‘We need to really step back and remind ourselves that he’s making us less safe’

SCARBOROUGH: “What angers so many people out there on both sides of the aisle, it seems so unnecessary. And Trump is actually moving in to this void that’s been created by a lack of leadership.”

MARCUS: “He’s moving in to the void that’s created by a lack of leadership. But also, we need to really step back and remind ourselves that he’s making us less safe.”


MARCUS: “What he — he is a recruiting tool for the Islamic State. And I understand the voters, the Trump supporters who you showed just before the break, I get it. They have real legitimate concerns that we have to speak too, that our leaders have to speak, too. But, when you alienate many people and you have these ‘do it yourself’ radicalization that can be going on here, when you insult people you are helping to push them into this radicalization and we need to speck up about that. We need to say one thing about the person who is most complicit and not speaking up and that’s Senator Ted Cruz, who — the every responsible person in the Republican Party has criticized Donald Trump to some extent, Senator Cruz has been silent.”

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