Cruz: Media Want ‘Anyone Running for Pres.’ To Be ‘Ongoing [Trump] Theater Critic’

‘I recognize that a great many folks in the media would prefer that anyone running for president engage as an ongoing theater critic’

“I recognize that great many folks in the media would prefer that anyone running for president engaged in an ongoing  — as an ongoing theater critic criticizing the proposals of the others. I do not agree with his proposal. I do not think it is the right solution. And the right solution, I believe, is the legislation that I've proposed ... legislation that would impose a three year moratorium on the refugees coming  from the countries where ISIS or al Qaeda control a substantial amount of territory. This is legislation that is targeted directly to the problem and the reason is simple: we have been told by the FBI that they cannot vet these refugees ... The second piece of legislation the Governor Abbott mentioned is the legislation that I filled to day that will protect the authority of the states and the authorities of governors to keep their citizens safe. And it would say that in the event the president wants to send refugees to a particular state that the governor has the authority to opt that to conclude that the federal government has not done sufficient job ensuring that safety and security of the citizens of the state will be protected ... Than the third piece of legislation that I have tried to bring up in recent weeks that the Democrats have blocked is the ex-patriot terrorist act, which provides that if an American goes and travels abroad and joins ISIS and takes up arms to [indecipherable] jihad against the United States that he or she fortieths their U.S. citizenship ... All of these are reasonable common sense steps to keep America safe."

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