Rand Paul: ‘Open Borders’ Is ‘a Big Disagreement I Have with Marco Rubio’

‘I think it is crazy to have open borders’


LEE: "You spoke about your idea here which is modelled after the homeland security 9/11 program. You were put here and watched closely by the department of homeland for ten years. They did this until critics of the plan thought it was profiling and that is one of the reason the programs was done away with. How is your program different? If folks are criticizing Donald Trump for profiling do you think you are walking a thin line?"

PAUL: "I think it is crazy to have open borders. This is a big disagreement I have with Marco Rubio. We have to defend the borders and it has to be based on a risk assessment. It is not a religious test. It is based on a risk assessment. We know where terrorism is coming from, who is promoting it, who has a significant population of people that would want to kill us if they get here. We need to be protected from people coming from Europe as well. Our countries that are friends even there needs to be a process having them come from global entry which is a background check like frequent flier program. We are crazy spending the money to defend the country from terrorism and having an open border. Donald Trump is wrong on the religious test but he is right that we do need to defend ourselves and it's a mistake to have open borders."

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