Joe Scarborough: ‘Does Donald Trump Have a Political Death Wish?’

‘Does he have a political death wish?’


SCARBOROUGH: “Does Donald Trump —“
BRZEZINSKI: “We can —“
SCARBOROUGH: “I wonder — I don’t know. I don’t know. Does he have a political death wish? Does he want —“
BRZEZINSKI: “No, unfortunately.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Does he want to win?” [crosstalk]
WALLACE: “Joe, listen, I don’t ever like to put this to the voters. You heard from that veteran. He has a right to speak his mind and whatever his politics are. He agrees with this. It’s incumbent on the rest of the Republican field to speak to this man’s desires.”
BRZEZINSKI: “We’re disconnected from America if we don’t understand he’s tapping into how people feel. It may be ugly, may be wrong —“
WALLACE: “I think political correctness, backlash of what’s perceived to be extreme political correctness, that soldier did three tours in two wars feels that no one other than Donald Trump with his rhetoric which is way over line is speaking to their emotional, their primal desire for what their government will do for them. It’s also a failure of the rest of the candidates to speak to that.”
SCARBOROUGH: “We talked about a void from what Barack Obama has said or has not said, a lack of leadership. I think it’s important for the Republican Party and its leaders to step up and do what Ike did in 1957 when he went and visited actually the Islamic center in Washington, D.C. There needs to be — there needs a show of solidarity between Republicans and law-abiding Muslim-Americans who are pursuing the American dream.”
WALLACE: “That’s vast majority.”
SCARBOROUGH: “That’s the overwhelming majority. Mark Halperin last comment.”
HALPERIN: “Watch Paul Ryan. He hasn’t spoken out about this. I think he’s going to and I think it’s going to be forceful and important.”
SCARBOROUGH: “All right.”
BRZEZINSKI: “All right.”

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