Stacey Dash: Obama’s Speech Was ‘an Epic Fail;’ ‘I Felt Like He Could Give a Sh*t’

‘I didn’t feel any passion from him ... I felt like he could give a shit, excuse me, like he could care less’

FNC Commentator Stacy Dash: Obama's Speech Was "An Epic Fail," "I Felt Like He Could Give A Shit" (RealClearPolitics)

On Fox News’s Outnumbered on Monday, co-host Stacey Dash said the president's speech about terrorism "was like an epic fail."

"It was ridiculous... It was like when you have to go to dinner with your parents, but you want to go to a party afterwards, that’s what it felt like."

"He was just trying to get through it because he wanted to go to this event afterward," she said. The president showed up late to the Kennedy Center Honors after his major speech on terrorism last night.

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