Rand Paul: Talking About Gun Control ‘Is a Bait and Switch’ by Obama

‘It’s sort of a bait and switch thing ... we need to be talking about border security, we need to be talking about terrorists and how they get to our country’

HEMMER: “Tougher gun control -- that's part of the president's appeal to America from the Oval Office last night, saying it's one of the keys for stopping terror attacks here at home. Kentucky Senator Senator Rand Paul, presidential candidate with me live back on the Hill. Sir, good morning and welcome back here--"
PAUL: "Good morning."
HEMMER: "I was watching your tweets in real-time last night. You had a lot to say including this: 'This speech was an attempt to turn a necessary discussion on terrorism and national security into an ineffective gun control debate.' Go, explain."
PAUL: “Well, sort of a bait and switch thing. We have decided to talk about gun control when in reality we need to be talking about border security, we need to be talking about terrorists and how they get to our country. That’s what I have been advocating for couple of years now that we need more scrutiny and in fact I think we need to stop. I think that we need to have a new moratorium on immigration from the Middle East until we get a grip on who is here and whether or not they have come here to attack us. Obviously the woman involved, the female involved with this terrorism shouldn't have been in our country. It also appears she was dishonest on her papers to get here, and even the president in his speech admitted as much that we didn't have enough scrutiny on her coming here. So I think we need to revamp' our entire system and until we are certain we are not admitting people who are here to attack us, let's just press pause, let's have a moratorium or a law."

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