Rand Paul on AP Report About NSA Records: ‘Just Wrong,’ Gov’t Can Access Data

‘For people to say you can’t access the record is just wrong’


SCARBOROUGH: "[We just showed an AP story that said that the United States] can't access the phone record, NSA phone record in the California terror case because of course that law was changed. Would you be willing to seek a middle ground? We have governor Huckabee on earlier today saying that the government can collect the data but you can't access it unless there is probable cause. Is that middle ground?"

PAUL: "The fourth amendment is pretty clear. For people to say you can't access the record is just wrong. Once you get a warrant or have probable cause, it's wrong. The Boston bombing happened while we had the bulk data collection, the Paris tragedy happened while we have it and also in France they have the bulk collection but on steroids. They have a program a thousand times more invasive. Is there any limit to how much authoritarians like Christie is willing to give up. They'll come back next week and say give us more of your freedom, we'll protect you. Will it have been worth it if we no longer who we  were and what's so special about America in the process of defending the country."

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