ABC’s Dowd: Hillary Is Not a Dominant Candidate Who’ll Walk away with this Election

‘ — voters don’t trust her’

DOWD: "I think Marco Rubio — if Marco Rubio goes through this process and becomes the Republican nominee he beats Hillary Clinton, it’s not going to even be that close in my mind in the course of this, because the American public right now wants a change from the current administration and believes we’re off on the wrong track. The question right now is we keep talking about Donald Trump and he’s this and what he’s this. He only is behind Hillary Clinton by three percentage points in a general election. I’m not saying Donald Trump would win a general election, but the fact his demonstration of what he’s doing demonstrates the weakness also on the Democratic side in the course of this election. Hillary Clinton is not a dominate candidate that’s going to walk away with this election..."
GRANHOLM: "...thinks she is the strongest. That’s all voters. I mean, she is a dominate candidate."
DOWD: "...voters don’t trust her."

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