Todd: ‘A Freakout Is Setting in Among Republican Establishment’ over Trump

‘Nobody in Iowa wants Trump for president; but everybody in Iowa wants somebody like Trump for president’

TODD: "The panel is here, of course: Rich Lowry, Amy Walter, Elisabeth Bumiller and Charles Ogletree. So Amy, we haven’t heard from you."
WALTER: "Yes."
TODD: "So let me start with that memo. I think a freak out is setting in among Republican establishment people."
WALTER: "I think there’s concerns setting in. And you know what? There was a lot made about that memo. But I will say this, the one thing about it that they get to the heart of, which I think all establishment needs to understand is that, since very early on in this campaign, what have we heard from Republican voters? They want somebody that’s new, they want somebody that’s fresh. They don’t want an establishment.

"That is what — if you want to beat Donald Trump — then you need to be the candidate that is not the establishment in your thinking, in the way you’re presenting yourself. But you present yourself as the most, let’s say, having the— temperamentally prepared to be president. So the change agent, temperamentally prepared.

"That is what they’re looking for. And I thought the Wall Street Journal quote, they got a guy in Iowa to say I think exactly where I think this race is right now for a lot Republicans. He said, “Nobody in Iowa wants Trump for president. But everybody in Iowa wants somebody like Trump for president.” That’s what you need."

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