Kasich: Donald Trump Will Not Be the Nominee

‘I think things will settle down’

TAPPER: "On that line of criticism against the front-runner, Donald Trump, “The Washington Post” this morning in an editorial is calling for Republican leaders, Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell, you, to state publicly that you would never endorse or vote for Trump. They feel like he is that negative an influence in American politics. Are you willing to do that?” 
KASICH: “Jake, I signed a pledge that I would support the Republican — I think that’s what we did at the first debate when we raised our hands. But, look, I have to tell you, I have been — I have been all over New Hampshire. I have had 37 town hall meetings and a zillion other meetings there. And I believe that Donald Trump will not be the nominee. I think things will settle down. And I believe, at the end of the day — and what I have heard in New Hampshire is — is experience is what counts, somebody who has been a reformer, but somebody who has experience. And I think we look for somebody at the end who knows how to land the plane. So, I don’t think we will ever get to that point. And it’s interesting “The Post” is saying that. I mean, I don’t have any comment, other than the fact that I don’t think we will ever get to that point.”

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